Kinds of fabric

I have all kinds of material :

1: Wool

2: Cashmere Wooll

3: Cashmere cotton

4: Cashmere Silk

5: Cashmere polyester

6: 100% Cotton

7: Cotton and silk mix

8:1005 silk

9:Silk and nylon mix

10: Linen 100%

11: Linen and cotton mix

12: Taffeta Silk

13: Sattin

14: Kaki


So, let choose the material that you like and send me an E-mail

Thank you !

2 Responses to “Kinds of fabric”

  1. Alice says:


    I am starting a custom fit women’s work wear company. I am currently looking for a supplier in Vietnam to create custom fit women’s dresses. I am very impressed with your dresses on the website, so was wondering if you would be available for a quick chat to see whether we could work together.



    • lan says:

      Hi Alice!
      My name is Ana.
      How about your company now?
      I am so sorry that I didn’t reply to you sooner. I been very busy with my new factory and materials store. I hope we can do a business together.
      What can I help you?
      Which the design that you want to make?I will do it for you. For your new opening company I will make a special price for you.
      Hear from you soon!

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